Letter | Harris can’t do the job

What if our President decided to resign, leave his post, jump ship, get out the back, Jack? Who would run the country?

It is now known due to her many embarrassing moments before the camera that the vice president was not picked as a running mate for her intellect, but rather for being a woman of color.

It was a smart political move which captured enough votes to win the election.

So, what would happen if this political scenario played out? Actually, very little. Old Joe’s handlers, the puppeteers, would transfer over to Harris manipulating her vacant mind, pulling her strings as they did with Biden.

Her speeches if any would be written entirely by her handlers and certainly no press conferences.

The border would continue to be open, drugs would continue to flow into this country and crime would continue to escalate.

Can we learn from this made-up story? Maybe.

When the 2024 election rolls around, hopefully we have researched the candidates enough to find out what qualifies them to be our leader. Are they country first, party second? So many of our leaders today seem to go with their party, right or wrong, without regard to how it effects the country.

Hopefully in 2024 the voters will kick out all the leaders in Congress who have the mindset of party first, country second. Once we have done our research on the candidates without consideration for race, gender, religious belief or party affiliation, we will feel confident in voting for the person best to lead our country.

Tom Allen

Golden Valley

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