Rants and Raves | March 17, 2023

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Former Trump attorney censured for 2020 falsehoods – What a crock. I’d like to list the lefties that spread outright, provable lies but only allowed 40 words. Top of list would’ve been Hillary Clinton (Russia hoax, paid for by her) who should be in federal prison right now.

Tucker Carlson Jan 6 rant – The cult of MAGA is alive and well in Kingman! Tucker Carlson and Fox admit they lied about the 2020 election. Now they cherry pick the Jan. 6 footage, and the cult believes Jan 6 was a left-wing lie. Wow!

Sheriff Schuster speaks to Conservative Republican Club of Kingman – God help us if we have to resort to 20,000 spur of the moment, “armed to the teeth” wannabes for public safety. Head ‘em off at the pass, Sheriff.

Jan. 6 was not political parties, although the news media has said differently. It was the day the American people tried to say “Hold on for a while before you close the door. Something smells fishy, meaning something’s wrong.”

Bank collapse – The Trump administration rolled back the Dodd-Franks bank regulation bill in 2018. That is what happens when you don’t have regulations to follow.

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