Letter | With Hobbs at the helm things may start to improve in Arizona

Bravo for Hobbs

Bravo for Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs who vetoed a bill introduced by Republican J.D. Mesnard from Chandler that would outlaw teaching critical race theory, or anything involving black history, in public schools. Penalties would be severe. When asked by Hobbs where the subject was being taught, Mesnard couldn’t come up with an answer.

Ron Gould, Republican County District 5 supervisor, wrote in his Feb. 22 letter to the editor: “Not inspecting all of the ballots or counting all of the votes challenges the validity of the election.” He continues “Abe Hamadeh’s election contest deserves another trial. When the government withholds key evidence from the court and a litigant, it undermines both the integrity of the election process and of the justice system itself.”

Now our new Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes discovers the past Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich withheld from the public information about the 2022 election being valid, giving rampant election deniers free reign to push their election-was-suspect theories. Some people think Brnovich should be disbarred.

Not to be out done by Arizona Republicans, Fox News has been hit with the scandalous allegations that they lied about Trump’s win and even documented how much the reporters disliked Trump but continued to push the lies because it was good for ratings.

Maybe with Hobbs at the helm things will start to improve in Arizona.

Lloyd Dickson


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