Letter | Why can’t our leaders just get along?

The state in which our country and our overall negative reactions to just about anything has become frankly sad and sickening.

I’m talking about our elected so-called leaders in Washington along with the constant blaming each other for just about everything and anything.

Now we have the likes of Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Green in Congress, not to mention Kevin McCarthy, who gave away the farm to get elected speaker of the house after 15 votes. Then he put Boebert and Green on major committees.

Now we are on the verge of defaulting on our nation’s debt, which has never happened in our history, but the Republican party leaders claim our spending is out of control and they want cuts. But during the past Republican administration our national debt increased by some $11.5 trillion, of which a lot had to do with benefiting the wealthiest, not the average citizen, and there was no call then to curtail spending and the national debt ceiling, so why now?

The words “working together” and “compromise” are missing from their vocabulary. Neither party is willing to work across the aisle. It’s long past time they start working for the people who elected them and do what’s right for our country, not what’s best for them.

Maybe what we need is a clean sweep of those in Congress and the White House and start over with all new blood and not go backwards with prior elected officials.

I know that’s not possible or feasible and what’s right for one is not necessarily right for all, and I know we will never agree on everything. But something has to be done to turn this country around and get us working together. We haven’t been on the right path for some time now.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley

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