Rants and Raves | March 19, 2023

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I’m relocating to Kingman and raving about this friendly place to live. People here smile at me and share genuine kindness. I love this town. Your nice warm welcome is genuinely appreciated.

Trump has moved from a winner to a loser. With Lake by his side it will be devastating for the Republican Party in 2024.We need to get past Trump and the dividers and move on to a Republican who can win. We have several of them if the Trump cult will just realize reality.

Tom Allen letter: Harris can’t do the job – Mr. Allen is probably right about Harris being unfit for the job, but being controlled by her/Biden’s handlers? I agree we should study the nominees but most voters will still end up voting for their party’s candidate.

Council hears lack of amenities makes medical recruiting difficult in Kingman – It would be nice to recruit more medical professionals but also keep them. In six years I’ve had five different primary and four different urology doctors and it takes three to four months to get an appointment. You’re either dead or cured by then. Your other options are urgent care and wait for hours, or the ER and wait for hours and spend a lot of money.

Biden tells U.S. to have confidence in banks – And of course, blamed Trump for the problem because blaming Trump for everything (even the Ohio train derailment) is what Dems do best. Recall, Biden’s the guy inviting the entire world through his “open door,” now ignores that there’s a problem.

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