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Dear Abby | Man devoted to wife suffering Parkinson’s fulfills his vows

Your letter is inspirational. In your P.S. you asked me to print it to help others. Your letter, and others I’m including here, may help to put this sensitive subject into perspective.

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Dear Abby | Hard work in gym pays off with arm-wrestling triumph

I’m average, fitness-wise, and work in an office. My girlfriend, who is naturally athletic, has belonged to a gym for a year. Our two fitness paths collided when I was enjoying a coffee with her and her training partner, “Trixi,” at her place one day.

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Dear Abby | Family was absent the day wedding etiquette was taught

I belong to a family that doesn’t respond to RSVPs for weddings or wedding showers.

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Dear Abby | Trampoline next door poses risk for sun-loving neighbor

I have really nice neighbors, and we are always pleasant to each other. We put up a large above-ground pool in our backyard, and they put up a trampoline.

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Dear Abby | Tension mounts for tired mom who gets little help from dad

Postpartum depression is more than being tired and overscheduled. It’s a medical condition that, left untreated, can have serious consequences.

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Dear Abby | Search begins for recipes to replace lost heirlooms

Having been a compulsive recipe collector for many years, I can imagine how frustrating it was to discover your recipes were gone.

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Deary Abby | Mom is desperate to stop teen’s violent outbursts

At 13, it’s too soon to throw up your hands and give up. Because therapy and medication haven’t helped your son, I would have to ask what kind of therapist has been seeing him.

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Dear Abby | Teen with older boyfriend keeps dangerously late hours

My daughter is 19 and lives with me. She is seeing a 26-year-old man who has a child with another woman he didn’t marry.

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Dear Abby | Bride is drowning in details of planning a beach wedding

My fiance and I are looking forward to being married soon. The problem is, he wants a traditional wedding with bridesmaids and groomsmen, and I prefer a wedding at the courthouse.

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Dear Abby | In-laws’ public scorn chips away at man’s confidence

I have a great marriage to an amazing woman. We have beautiful kids and are really happy together. The issue, however, is my in-laws.

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