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11:34 AM Fri, Feb. 22nd

Bob Moore

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Blog: Election laws need a tune-up

Moving ahead we now need to take a serious look at fixing the mess known as voting in this nation.

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After Trump loses - another fable

Trump stated he was going to sue all of the electors of the Electoral College for participating in the rigging of the election.

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Fact-checking Donald Trump - again

Although it means nothing – since Trump is going to lose – some fact-checking his third debate performance needs to be done.

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Trump by the numbers

The self-professed sexual assaulter and pedophile Donald Trump has made many claims about how he is the only one that can “fix” our nation.

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After Trump is elected: A fable

The election results were surprising, not the least of all to supporters of Donald Trump.

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One of the rants heard from Trump has been his insistence that “only he” can bring jobs back to our nation and stop companies from outsourcing around the world.

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Keeping It Straight: TRUMP IN HIS OWN WORDS

Prepare to be horrified, entertained - or both.

Keeping It Straight: Clinton's health and phony documents

A clean bill of health for Hillary Clinton has not stopped the right from posting fake medical records on the internet purporting to show she is suffering from seizures and dementia for their slavish followers to spread as if they are gospel.

Keeping It Straight: Ten Things Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize

Being stupid is a lifestyle choice. Trump voters. But I repeat myself.


Trump's plans for tax reform, regulatory reform and energy reform don't stand up to scrutiny

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