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Who has the answers to these school shootings?

Sadly we learned of yet another school shooting

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Remember and cherish Mom

So I ask you, how many times can you write about Mother's Day?

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Where's the family tradition?

Is there no longer any family tradition left?

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Be careful out there. Scammers want your money

In this crazy world of school shootings, horrific cases of animal abuse, and other nasty happenings, the phone scammers are also in full force.

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Raising kids: Sometimes hoping for the best is all you get

I know us old folk sometimes have a tough time relating to the kids of today.

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There's a serious side to hoarding

I found myself watching “Hoarders” this morning.

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Teachers should get what they deserve

First off, let me say that I have the utmost respect for all teachers.

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Why do DUI drivers get bigger breaks than some felons

Try to imagine for just a moment that you are a convicted felon.

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Can common sense be taught?

So, I got to thinking this morning about something that has become a rare commodity.

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