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Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist

Luis Vega is a Wilderness Columnist for the Kingman Miner. If you have comments or want to share experiences, write him at

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I’m a fan of TV law enforcement shows.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist October 16, 2021
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Weathered rocks have that familiar natural look, just like old wood.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist October 2, 2021
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I always like the anticipation and the hunt, not so much returning home at the end of field season.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist September 18, 2021
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My favorite season of the year is fall. In the high country, aspen leaves are a brilliant orange, the air is crisp and there’s a hint of snow in the air.

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While four-wheeling with friends in an area where early prospectors had found placer gold, I was asked if it was legal for us to do some panning.

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What’s the most common mineral? The most common element on earth is oxygen but oxygen is not a mineral.

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In geology, as in life, it’s useful to know the sequence of events to keep things in order; what happened first, is this older than that, was I watching episode 5 or 8 of Longmire?

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My daughter is enthralled with the red rocks found around St. George, Utah and Sedona.

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Mark Twain is credited to have said “a gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing on top.” In my experience, this isn’t that far from the truth.

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