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Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist

Luis Vega is a Wilderness Columnist for the Kingman Miner. If you have comments or want to share experiences, write him at

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Sitting on my back patio, I was lamenting the cracks in the concrete when it dawned on me that there are very few rocks on earth that I’ve seen that don’t have cracks or fractures of one kind or another.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist February 20, 2021
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What makes a mine profitable? It’s not having gold or copper or even diamonds; it’s having them in quantities that can be sold at a profit.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist February 6, 2021
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Water is subject to the relentless force of gravity. Unless there’s something that gets in its way, water runs downhill.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist January 23, 2021
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The earth is constantly shifting and moving, slowly but relentlessly.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist January 9, 2021
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Many kids and some adults enjoy collecting rocks. I still enjoy it but now I only look for rocks that indicate mineral deposits so I can put some beans on the table.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist December 26, 2020
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Look at the mountains. You’ll see a variety of shapes, textures and colors.

By Luis Vega, Wilderness Columnist December 12, 2020
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In writing this column I’ve pondered some philosophical thoughts such as: Where does common sense come from? Is it intuitive? Is it part of our personality or does it originate from a knowledge-base that gives us the foundation to have common sense?

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Early in our years with Search and Rescue, my wife and I started a program of safety instruction for kids.

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Recently, during the coronavirus stay-at-home time, I was watching an old episode of Longmire.

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The universally recognized distress signal is three of anything; gunshots, yells, fires, etc.

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