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Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, and author. Her weekly syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites.

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News flash, kids: Things aren’t free. Things cost money. And “free” things provided to you by the government cost other people’s money.

By Michelle Malkin November 17, 2016
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Here is what eight years of President Obama’s “post-racial” reign have wrought.

By Michelle Malkin November 10, 2016
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I keep hearing that Hillary Clinton would be “Obama’s third term.” The math is wrong. Barack Obama served the Clinton crime family’s third and fourth term.

By Michelle Malkin November 3, 2016
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Who are the haters? Who are the autocrats? Who are the serial abusers of power? Only one presidential candidate has wielded the sledgehammer of government against personal enemies.

By Michelle Malkin October 27, 2016
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Once was a shock. Twice was an outrage. Thrice is a nightmare that won’t end.

By Michelle Malkin October 13, 2016
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The Loathsome Cowboy rides again.

By Michelle Malkin August 22, 2016
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My adopted hometown will soon be the base of operations for a new Netflix movie starring aging elitist hippies Robert Redford (estimated net worth: $170 million) and Jane Fonda (estimated net worth: $120 million).

By Michelle Malkin August 15, 2016
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Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Captain Humayun Khan died heroically. But his exceptional courage in Iraq and his Muslim father’s post-Democratic convention histrionics on TV do not erase the security threat posed by killer warriors of Allah infiltrating our troops.

By Michelle Malkin August 7, 2016
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When you need something done, call a retired cop.

By Michelle Malkin July 31, 2016

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