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The 2018 graduates of Lee Williams High School

Wednesday night was a special moment for the 2018 senior class of Lee Williams High School.

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Fly baby, fly: 28th annual Kite Day Extravaganza

It was a bright sunny day, perfect for flying a kite.

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Lock it or lose it: preventing car theft, burglaries, and damage

It’s Monday morning and you realize your alarm didn’t go off so now you’re late for work. You scurry, trying to get ready and make sure you have everything you need for the day. You may be thinking, “How can this day get any worse?” As you leave your home you notice your car isn’t parked outside where you left it, or it’s been defaced, or there’s your wallet missing from the glove compartment.

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KHS Class of 2018

For the Kingman High School senior class of 2018 Monday night was a big accomplishment full of family, friends, laughs, and tears.

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Doug Barnett coming to Kingman

For the long weekend coming up if pop, folk, bluegrass, western and country music is something you enjoy, then why not go to Diana’s Cellar Door Wine Bar and listen to Doug Barnett perform?

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Kingman Police wants a second deputy chief

Job posting left many wondering if Deputy Chief Cooper was leaving

If you have scrolled through the City of Kingman website you may have noticed there is a job opening for a Deputy Police Chief at the Kingman Police Department. It doesn’t’ meant Rusty Cooper, the current deputy chief, is going anywhere.

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Paco’s Taco Shop building demolished

After sitting at the entrance to Interstate 40 for nearly 40 years when it was first a Pioneer Chicken, the building at 3152 Stockton Hill Road was demolished Monday.

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Kaylee Sass is a superhero just like The Flash: fighting for her life

Children are full of dreams, goals and aspirations. They want to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, or probably the next soccer star. Children can even think about traveling the world when they’re older, or about if they want to have children of their own and get married. Their minds are full of imagination and curiosity.

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Banner installation honors local active military

Serving in the military takes a lot of pride, courage, and strength. A husband being away from his wife and children. A mother having to hug her daughter goodbye as she leaves to serve overseas. Regardless of the circumstances, as a country we are proud of our servicemen and women.

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Run for the Wall drives through Kingman

Between two routes, around 1,000 motorcyclists made their way through Kingman Wednesday afternoon during their Run of the Wall and stopped at the Mother Road Harley Davidson, 2501 Beverly Ave., for some lunch.

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